What we do at Page One

Hi. You’re reading this because you’ve discovered our blog, or you’re signed up to it – both are great. Either that or I’m bombarding you on Facebook. But as our blog grows and is taking off we need to just remind people, and ourselves, what it is we created Page One for.

Page One is for book reviews, bookish things and anything literature related. We are book addicts, that’s our motivation for working on the site and it’s why we love what we do. We operate on an honesty policy. We’ll always give you honest feedback and we aim to be constructive. We want to help authors, not tear them down. The advice and feedback we offer is as avid readers and English MA graduates.

Our rating system is fully explained in two blog posts which can be found in our archives. But let me just recap. Page One uses a star rating system and a range of symbols for a quick breakdown of what we enjoyed. We’re always looking to grow our symbols so if you think of a new one that you think should be on there then let us know.

Page One Rating System-2

Star Ratings

*  This was a hard and/or boring read. We wouldn’t recommend it and most likely would avoid the author in the future.

** The idea is there and there are parts we like, but needs tightening up and some revising before it becomes a good read in our opinion.

*** It was a good read, kept me entertained and/or amused. If we saw the next book or another book by the same author we would probably buy it.

**** Really good read, massively enjoyed and would definitely read again. Sequels come this way!

***** This is a masterpiece. Absolutely amazing! We are now a different people after reading it. Pre-ordered the next one 12 months before release and eagerly counting down the weeks.

If you’re after an easy, gushy 5* review then we probably aren’t suited to you and your book.  However, if you’re a writer and you want honest and helpful feedback then feel free to contact us. You can tweet us @pageonebooksAH or email us at pageonebooks@outlook.com. If you have a specific date you want your review by (a release date maybe) you can let us know and between the two of us, we can usually work it in.

We always try to contact our authors with a copy of the review before it goes live. You can see what we’re going to say and decide whether you want it on Goodreads, Amazon or any other platform. However if you don’t agree with or like your review, then we will only post on Page One. Like I said, we want to work with writers because we love what we do.

We hope you stick around, we like knowing we’re not the only book addicts out there and we love meeting new people!




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