Unfinished Business by Roisin Black


Roisin Black’s short story, Unfinished Business, centres around TV personality Liberty Rose and takes places at her daughter’s wedding in Ireland. Weddings always bring to the surface a myriad of emotions and this Irish one is no different. The groom’s father, the sexy Con Devine, keeps making sad eyes at her, despite him being the one who ended it between them all those years ago, and her own husband, Dan, keeps making sly digs and hiding behind the wall he’s built up over the years. It’s clear that there’s unfinished business in this lovely short.

It’s a quick easy read, with added steaminess. I love how the writer chose to make the protagonist an older woman, starved of affection in a marriage on the verge of a breakdown. I love the dynamics and the tensions that a wedding perfectly demonstrate. I also enjoyed the very visual and detailed way it was written. However sometimes that did make the sentences a little long in parts. Overall I would definitely recommend if you had a train journey or something and were after a quick satisfying read.


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