Scarificed to the Dragon by Jessie Donovan copy.jpg

Jessie Donovan’s book, Sacrificed to the Dragon is the first in her  Stonefire British Dragons series. The book centres on Melanie, a human who wants to learn more about dragons, but also needs their help. Britain, in the novel, is divided by 5 dragon clans, with an uneasy alliance between humans and dragons, but the dragon population is dwindling. Dragons are renowned for their healing blood and offer a scheme where you can sign up to be a mate to a dragon in the hopes of reproducing, for a vial of this blood. The contract is for 6 months and in this time you must live with the clan and have no access to the outside world. If a baby is conceived then it stays with the clan, the mother can stay too, if she survives the birth. Melanie is a compatible mate and is quickly accepted. But it’s not going to be an easy six months for her as her paired dragon, Tristan, hates humans. His mother was killed by dragon hunters and his sister tortured and now Tristan hates them too.

I liked the chemistry between Melanie and Tristan, they had some great banter and sarcastic comments to each other. Melanie is very independant, sassy and brave. I loved how she won over the clan leader, his sister and the other dragons. The sex scenes were well written and very steamy. I also liked how Tristan’s dragon kept interjecting and had this one track mind in regards to ‘his woman’. Seeing Tristan wrestle with his inner dragon was entertaining, especially when it disagreed with him.

I’ve given this four stars + because although I enjoyed it and certain parts made me laugh, it was very predictable and some pieces were a little repetitive. I also found Tristan a little frustrating as he flipped between being nice to her and pushing her away, in the beginning it happened a lot. He also went quickly from hating her to admiring her, which is what I wanted ultimately as the reader, but it felt rather quick. Luckily the inner thoughts of Tristan and his dragon balanced some of this out as it allows us to understand why he feels the way he does.



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