My love of Harry Potter

Those of you who know me personally know that I’m a huge Harry Potter fan. When I was younger I had HP calendars every year, a clock, a hand held game, the board game, t-shirts, dolls, chocolate frog cards, posters and all the books (as well as a few unofficial ones about magical creatures and the world of Harry Potter).

I devoured every book in just days, not being able to put them down. I walked around in a daze when Sirius died, my heart broke for Harry. I cried. I still get teary when I watch the films too (even if they annoy me by leaving out Peeves). I loved these books, and after rereading them last year – I still love them.

Not only that, but the books were something special between my dad and I. He would pre-order them in or queue outside the shop for ages to make sure I had the next one as soon as it came out. My parents are divorced and my dad was in the army, so I didn’t see him very much, and this became our thing. On the inside he would write ‘To Hannah, Love Dad’. Now over the years I haven’t taken care of my books as well as I should have, and most have them have now been lost, damaged or borrowed out and never returned. But I still love that my dad did this for me.

So last week I finally got a tattoo. I’ve been saying since I was 16 I wanted one. But when I saw this design a few weeks ago I was instantly smitten.

May I present my deathly hallows tattoo:


This tattoo is for my love of Harry Potter, for the love of reading it inspired in me and for one of the many thoughtful and loving things my dad does for me. I never appreciate him enough sometimes. Even if he does hate my tattoo.

Do you guys have any bookish inspired tattoos? Feel free to share in the comments or tweet us at @pageonebooksAH


4 thoughts on “My love of Harry Potter

  1. So beautiful! I’ve been wanting to get a bookish tattoo but can’t take the plunge, I’m too scarred it won’t live up to my expectations! Your’s is perfect though!
    PS. Totally agree on the Peeves thing, he’s so fun/annoying in the book!

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