My fangirl moment of the week…

It’s no secret that I’m am a huge Katie Fforde fan – I rushed to her book signing in Cowbridge a few years ago after spending the whole day in a state of excitement. I picked up a copy of Highland Fling at a market stall when I was a teenager and fell in love with Katie’s books. In all honestly, Highland Fling is what got me into reading romance – it made me the romance addict I am now. I have three signed books and I treasure them, I don’t lend them out and they have a prime position on my bookshelf.

So I thought, given that February is the month of love here at Page One, I’d email Katie’s team and see if I could ask a few questions. Nothing major – just five easy questions because I know Katie Fforde is a busy woman. So imagine my delight and utter excitement when Katie Fforde tweeted me back putting me in touch with someone from her PR team. The lovely lady then put me in touch with someone at Penguin Random House UK who passed on my questions to Katie.

Not only that…but sent me a copy of the latest book to review! In hardback! So a huge thank you to the wonderful Charlotte and Becke – you have made my week.

Now I have the brand new book and a mini interview with my favourite author. I am in fangirl heaven. I am literally walking around with a huge grin right now. I’m going to leave the husband fend for himself, sneak up to bed early tonight with my new book and lose myself in another Katie Fforde romance. 

Keep an eye out for my review and the interview!


You can pick up your copy here: A Summer at Sea


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