Beautiful Burn – Jamie McGuire

When a Maddox boy falls in love, he loves forever…

I should have savoured this book more because that’s it, no more Maddox brothers and I am now unbelievably sad. I just don’t know what I’m going to do without them. Well, other than wait patiently for Other Lives which returns to some of the characters, coming this winter *squeals*.

Beautiful Burn follows Ellie Edson, an Edson tech heiress who has just been cut off for her over the top party girl lifestyle which is quickly spiralling into a serious alcohol addiction. At one of her legendary parties she meets Tyler Maddox an Alpine Hotshot with a few problems of his own, namely that he doesn’t do relationships and has the dangerous job of fighting wildfires on the frontline. What was supposed to be a one night stand suddenly turns into a complicated friends with benefits situation as she is tasked to report and photograph the squad during fire season by her new boss at the MountainEar paper. No trust fund, no home, a new job and what is fast becoming a serious relationship, Ellie struggles to cope with alcoholism. Can Ellie and Tyler find their way to love, or will they both get burned?

I loved Ellie and Tyler’s story, it may even be my favourite. No wait, that’s Abby and Travis but then definitely Ellie and Tyler. I really felt for Ellie as she struggled to come to terms with her addiction, while learning to live and love for herself again. Her character felt very real and packed an emotional punch. Tyler was everything a Maddox brother should be, fiercely loyal, genuine in his love and incredibly good looking.

I’m really going to miss these boys.


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