Reading Nooks: What’s yours like?

Ashleigh recently sent me a picture of her very chic, very cute reading nook and suggested that we do a blog piece on where we like to read. I thought I’d kick things off, but you see, I’m a librocubicularist, so I don’t have a reading nook as such.


However, I do have an office that I work in. This is my little space where I blog, write and hunt down new books. I do have a little bookcase in  my office, but don’t worry – I have another one upstairs. It’s unfinished, I still need some proper storage units and some new curtains. Plus I need to put some of my papers, postcards and mementos back up onto my corkboards.

I also have a Sailor Moon poster, that my lovely husband bought me for my birthday that I’m trying to find space for. It will fit on my wall somewhere. It has to.

So here’s my little bookish space:

What’s your little reading nook or writing space like?


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