My Romance novel binge or if you like the Maddox Brothers series then you should try…

So I’ve been having a bit of a romance novel binge because my own love life is pretty crappy at the moment and is partly the reason why I didn’t complete the Christmas Reading Challenge, my apologies but that’s enough of that!  Any who, I’ve been checking out some new authors, well new to me, thanks to my Amazon and Goodreads wish lists/suggestions so I wanted to share what I’d discovered with you, our dear readers.

I may have previously mentioned that I am a huge fan of Jamie McGuire’s Maddox Brothers series. So while on the hunt for more fiercely loyal, hunky,  but fictional – because the real kind are so overrated – men I found Kylie Scott’s Stage Dive series and Abbi Gline’s The Vincent Boys series. Similar premise to the Maddoxs in that each book follows the love interest of each member of a group who are somehow related, so they are linked but not necessarily in sequence. This means that if you love a particular character, they’ll definitely get more page time in the sequel.

Stage Dive

Kylie Scott’s Stage Dive series follows each member of the uber famous band, yes you’ve guessed it, Stage Dive. David (guitarist, Lick), Mal (drummer, Play), Jimmy (vocals, Lead), and Ben (basest, Deep) almost accidentally find love in the world of fame, fortune, sex, drugs and rock and roll. I devoured the entire series in a matter of days and I kinda, maybe want my very own rock star boyfriend so if you’re reading this and happen to be in a band, please feel free to leave me a message (that doesn’t sound desperate at all)! Overall, I’d give the series a strong 3*, branching into 4* because I absolutely fell in love with Mal. He was by far my favourite character. Super charming and extremely funny, I couldn’t wait to read more scenes with him in. However, that doesn’t mean the other characters fell flat! The female protagonists were strong, which earns this series massive points in my favour because I find that these women sometimes get lost when there are such over powering male counterparts, they do tend to take over the plot in a lot of romance novels. I particularly liked Lizzy (Deep) for her sweet and sassy contrasting personality. Scott didn’t make the series overly cliched,  which can easily happen in stories of this nature and she avoided any seriously cringey pitfallsIt was also very Maddox like in its approach so I highly recommend.

The Vincent Boys

As for the Vincent Boys they weren’t quite what I was expecting. I wasn’t really paying too much attention at the time of purchase, I kinda guessed it was a romantic series about brothers (sound familiar?) which had a pretty good overall rating so I went ahead and added to cart. I then realised upon further reading that this is a Young Adult series. Moral of the story: always read the blurb. Now, there is nothing wrong with Young Adult, I am a fond and forever friend of the YA genre and a lot of stuff I read is YA, it just wasn’t what I was looking for this time around. I wanted just that little bit more. I also didn’t want to be way, waaay older than the romantic lead. But having said that, I did enjoy the series. So here’s a quick summary: 3 best friends, 2 boys, one girl, both boys are in love with girl, and within this dynamic the drama ensues. The next book must therefore heal the loosing boy’s broken heart. I know, I know I’m being rather flippant about the plot but like I said I did enjoy the series but it was a little predictable. However the second book was less so, making it my favourite of the two. And no, it’s not just because I’m in that post break-up phase too, although Swayer I feel your pain bro! It was Lana’s history that gave the story another layer.  Both were fun, easy reads and I’ll definitely be adding Abbi Glines to my ‘I will read more of this author’ list. My disappoint is more with my self than the books. Overall I’d say 3*, recommend if you’re looking for something a little on the lighter side. Note: you will have to read this series in sequence otherwise you’ll spoiler yourself.


F.Y.I Jamie McGuire’s latest Maddox Brothers instalment Beautiful Burn has just arrived in the post as I type so keep an eye out for my upcoming review.


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