Shadowhunters: A second chance adaptation for Cassandra Clare’s The Mortal Instruments

Like all book fans, we get excited at the prospect of a film or television series adaptation. We’re all eager to see if the given reality matches up to our imaginations. And sometimes it does but not every adaptation is as successful as the Harry Potter or Hunger Games franchises. Sometimes they falter at the box-office or viewer numbers dwindle because not everyone is a hardcore fan of the books, no matter how hard we try to convert them. Recent examples include Vampire Academy and The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. Despite a promising crowdfunding campaign Vampire Academy failed to secure a sequel. Similarly, The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones failed to drum up enough support and the preplanned movie sequel was cancelled. Fans like myself began to mourn what was never to be. But in a surprise turn of events ABC Family bought the rights and started production for a new television series. And also happened to snag Vampire Academy’s Dominic Sherwood for the lead, Jace Wayland. Yay!

Viewing from the UK (Netflix) means I’m only 3 episodes into Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments so I can’t say all that much just yet. I think the cast, particularly Alberto Rosende as Simon, and the look of the show is pretty on point, but it’s a little bit cheesy. Now normally I like cheese, life needs a little cheese. I just feel this is where the film went wrong (which I still enjoyed by the way) and perhaps why it didn’t gain more of a following. It seems that these badass demon hunters are being softened up a little bit too much. I think the creators need to take a page out of Buffy’s book. It still had the fun element, cracking one-liners and laughs but it wasn’t afraid to go dark. This was a war at the hellmouth after all. All hail Joss Whedon. Hail. Shadowhunters needs a bit of roughing up.

However, it’s still early days and the first few episodes of any series are usually trying to work out the kinks. So I’m interested to see how the series will develop. Let’s hope things heat up between Jace and Clary soon, and I mean when is Alec finally going to meet Magnus?! That’s just my impatience talking, I know how the books go.


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