Literary Love at Look Human

So I’ve already written a review for this site on my personal blog (which you can find here) but Hannah took one look at this t-shirt and said you have to include something for Page One.

The quotation has been verified and it is correct ha!

For those that don’t know Look Human is basically an online shop that prints these awesomely quirky designs on t-shirts, accessories, home stuff, stickers, you name it they’ll probably print on it. They have all these amazing categories like Book Nerd and Fandom which is ideal for all us literary lovers.

image1 copy.JPG
I will point out that there are more styles available, I just love a baseball tee.

However, the company is based in the U.S. so shipping is a little bit more expensive but is still pretty reasonable when you work out the exchange rate, somewhere around £10 and the tops themselves are only around £19. They usually have some sort of offer code up for grabs too, like they gave me $10 off my next purchase. Delivery only took a week, which was pleasantly surprising considering the distance my order had to travel (I live in the middle of nowhere, South Wales Valleys) and the packaging was undamaged.

The fit was exactly right, the material is really soft and easy to wear. The colours are vibrant and the print is a really good quality, it doesn’t have that horrible plastic smell and feels like it’s a part of the t-shirt design rather than just stuck on top. I’ve actually worn these a couple of times now and they still look brand new.

So yay, super happy and I would definitely recommend you try them out.


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