A Quick Breakdown of our Rating System


We love having feedback on our little blog, it lets us know what we’re doing right and where we can improve. Some of the comments we’ve received say that we are stern and harsh markers, mainly giving out three stars. However, we realised that people believe we’re being harsh because we didn’t fully explain our rating system. For us, three stars is the average score and most books will come into this category. Three stars DOES NOT mean that it was a bad or rubbish book – so please don’t think that.

So here’s the breakdown of how Ash and I review and score books:

*  This was a hard and/or boring read. We wouldn’t recommend it and most likely would avoid the author in the future.

** The idea is there and there are parts we like, but needs tightening up and some revising before it becomes a good read in our opinion.

*** It was a good read, kept me entertained and/or amused. If we saw the next book or another book by the same author we would probably buy it.

**** Really good read, massively enjoyed and would definitely read again. Sequels come this way!

***** This is a masterpiece. Absolutely amazing! We are now a different people after reading it. Pre-ordered the next one 12 months before release and eagerly counting down the weeks.

We hope this helps you understand our rating system a little better


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