Christmas Challenge 12 – A Christmassy Book: A Winter Flame by Milly Johnson

Eve hates Christmas for several good reasons. Her mother is a selfish, sometimes drunk/sometimes stoned woman who often ruined Christmas for Eve as a child. Later as an adult, her fiancé, Jonathan is killed serving his country in Helmand Province on Christmas Day. So now every Christmas, Eve does her best to hide away  with a good book.

So imagine her surprise when an elderly aunt dies and Eve inherits a theme park. A Christmas theme park. Suddenly there’s no hiding away from Christmas and no escape, especially when she has to deal with a pregnant reindeer, a magic forest of Christmas trees and a Santa who makes her question whether she actually does believe – how else would he know about the fuzzy felt?

But it’s not as simple as just running a theme park, as Aunt Evelyn (the crafty old bat) also left half of the park to the very charming and handsome Jacques Glace. He instantly gets Eve’s back up and the cheerier he is the more convinced she becomes that he’s up to something. She goes to great lengths (breaking and entering) to try and find out more about Jacques and prove that he’s only after her aunt’s money. Now, this is a romance, so typically she makes all these assumptions and makes a tit of herself while trying to prove them before reaching the inevitable happy ending.

It’s ultimately a sweet, frothy, Christmassy romance with plenty of magic. It’s well written and another quick read. I’d definitely recommend it if you’re looking for a light-hearted read to curl up with over the holidays.


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