Christmas Challenge 5- Something chosen for the cover: The Sum of All Kisses by Julia Quinn

I am a huge Julia Quinn fan and while I enjoyed The Sum of All Kisses , it wasn’t my favourite Quinn romance. It was a quick read and delightfully charming. The romance builds out of a dislike for each other, which always makes for an entertaining read as the characters argue and bicker.

Lady Sarah Pleinsworth hates Hugh Prentice for  the drunken duel he had with her cousin. She believes its the reason she’s still unmarried and tells him so. I liked Sarah because she’s feisty, honest and sassy. However, she’s not always right and jumps to her own conclusions, causing some funny moments. Hugh didn’t walk away from the duel uninjured. He’s pragmatic, has no patience for dramatic and over exaggerating women, preferring logic and numbers. He has this habit where he counts everything and can do large sums in his head to help calm himself. When she approaches him at an engagement ball, he has no idea who she is and has no desire to find out. He firmly decides she’s barking mad when she claims he’s ruined her life, after all he’s never met her before. I  always love Quinn’s characters because they’re funny and flawed, making them easy to fall in love with.

The two are thrown together again to celebrate two weddings with a week long celebration. Out of guilt and necessity (Hugh) and family obligation (Sarah) the two must accompany and entertain each other, which leads to them learning that first impressions aren’t everything and maybe opposites attract.

It was lighthearted, funny and toe-curlingly sweet. I devoured this book in one sitting, but historical romances are my weakness (love a rake, or an earl and I have an awful soft spot for a pirate), they just have this lovely charm about them, especially Quinn’s. Then you chuck in a few sex scenes and I’m totally smitten!  This is my ‘chosen for the cover’ book because it represents the sweet charm of the genre for me. It’s romantic and beautiful. This particular cover, for some reason also reminds me of Beauty  and the Beast.


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