Christmas Challenge 4 – Recommended by a friend: Unrememebered by Jessica Brody


Unremembered by Jessica Brody was recommended to me by friend who loves YA fiction, especially fantasy YA like Divergent, The Hunger Games and The Mortal Instruments. So I had high hopes for this recommendation and I was not let down.

Unremembered is a very sweet, original tale from the perspective of a 16 year old amnesiac sufferer, only not everything is as it seems. The novel starts with a plane crash over the Atlantic. She’s fished out of the water, thinking that the year is 1609, with no memories and it emerges she wasn’t actually on the plane’s passenger logs and no one saw her board. Unable to remember and alone, she adopts the name Violet (after her eye colour) and goes with a foster family, attempting to find out what happened to her.

There’s a strange boy called Zen who claims to be trying to keep her safe, a man with red hair who appears everywhere she goes and a mark which looks like a tattoo that burns. This combined with strange abilities; leaves Violet with more questions than answers.

The way it’s told through Violet’s perspective (or Sera as Zen calls her) keeps the reader as much in the dark as she is. It keeps the narrative interesting because you’re not sure who to trust or what to expect.

I didn’t see the explanation and the ending coming, which definitely earns the book brownie points from me. I can’t really say too much here as it will give too much away, but Unremembered reminded me of the Minimum Ride books by James Patterson and is something I would recommend if you’re a fan of those books.



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